The Truth About Hair Extensions

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Are you considering getting extensions for fuller hair, better hairstyles, or longer hair? If you are, make sure you understand both sides of this product because it’s not as flawless as it appears on Instagram models and celebrities. That’s right, extensions can make your hair look pretty for a while, but can also damage your hair and scalp. Most stylists who do extensions claim that their service is “different” or “safer” for your hair, but in reality, it’s not.

To help you see what we’re talking about, our experts at Taylor Crowley Studio have explained the truth about hair extensions in this blog. Keep reading to understand how they actually stack up against what you’ve heard and why you should avoid them.

The Facts!

1. Extensions are not for all hair types
Most people think they need extensions because they have very fine, thinning, or broken hair. But, this is not the kind of hair that can offer support for extensions. Adding extensions to hair that is thin and weak will slowly cause more and more tension at the root of the hair resulting in more thinning, tangling, bald spots, and matting.

2. Extensions can cost you your long locks
Most of the time, when we have to take extensions out, we have to chop the hair much shorter than a client would like. We find this affects their self-esteem in a negative way.

3. Getting extensions is costly and time-consuming
Getting hair extensions is an extremely expensive and time-consuming process. Not only does it take long to get them in when you’re sitting in the chair at the salon, but you also have to follow maintenance rituals to ensure the extensions last and look natural. These upkeep procedures will have to be followed on a regular basis.

Are there extensions that aren’t time-consuming, expensive, or damaging?
Generally, all types of hair extensions can cause damage to the hair. This is because they add weight to the natural hair. The least damaging hair extensions are the ones you can clip into place or halos. They are a much better option as you can take them out at night or whenever you like during the day. As they are temporary fixtures, they don’t weigh down your hair for too long. Similarly, they don’t tangle up when you’re sleeping.

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